Sunday, June 21, 2009

Out of the funk

Well, I think I'm finally starting to feel a little better about things. I'm seriously making an effort. I'm starting to realize I stress out too much...and it's not good b/c stress hormones wreak havoc on your body in EVERY way. I feel the winds of change...just not sure how to proceed. I think I'll start first by cleaning my house. That always makes me feel better. I also want to clean out junk and maybe have a small yard sale. My husband thinks it's absurd for me to try another one b/c last time there were people who stole from me. This time will be different b/c I will have someone there to help. I don't know who...but I will have help. lol. My fantasy is to somehow sell enough stuff to raise just enough money to go somewhere for a couple of days. This is not probable but it's my fantasy and I'm gonna run with it. I keep hearing about friends who just went to the beach or they are going to the beach or the mountains...I really think I'd be OK with just pretending...either way a little money earned is a good thing.
I'm going to really start trying to lose weight again. I know I've got to start taking all my supplements too if it's going to work. My energy and ability to metabolize sugar is wrapped up a lot in these little supplements. I have Poly cystic Ovary Syndrome and my insulin resistance is horrible. I'm going to start walking too. I know that exercise is going to be key in making weight loss work this time.
I am a complainer by nature...don't know why but I am. I'm becoming annoyed with this fickle trait of mine. I can go so long without complaining and all of a sudden I just *POP* and it won't stop. lol I read other blogs of women friends that seem to have it together really well and one thing I notice is that they don't complain. Maybe a positive outlook is really key to bringing that proverbial "See the cup as half full" persona to life.
I think another contribution to the "funk" I've been experiencing is some of the people I associate myself with. When you talk to people who complain a IS going to rub off on you. I'm not sure how to address this b/c I truly do value the people that do have a tendency to do this. What I mean is, the complaining is only a flaw and all my friends do have many things I love about them regardless. God knows I have many flaws. This is all for now...I will be adding more later about my attitude change. :-)

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