Saturday, May 23, 2009


Ok, I know the last blog was pretty brutal. I had a little too much time alone and a little too much coffee I think....and meloncholy music. It's not that I'm not feeling that way, but I'm not usually so dramatic.....always more analytical. In response to all that I've been going through emotionally here lately, a friend asked me if I'd like to vacation at her place for a couple of days to decompress. nice as it would be to get away, it probably wouldn't be that great taking my 2 yr. old away from his bed for a couple of that's pretty much out of the question. However, my friend--I should mention she's my mentor as well--has asked to bunk at my house during the Charlotte Mason convention. I'm so excited about her coming over b/c I know it will be like a vacation. She's that kind of person--who takes your mind off everything when she's around....almost like a scenery change. (I hope I can be that way to someone someday :-) )
Speaking of plans, I'm going back to church tomorrow. I'm not going back to the one I like....I'm going back to the one David likes. I feel like I need to give this a shot, not just for him but for me as well. I'm tired of being a scared little girl. Although, I'll admit, I am a bit nervous. I won't only be going to service....I'll be trying the Sunday school as well without David there since he's working. I really wish I could skip another couple of Sundays until David can go, but I know that's not a good excuse. Laurel keeps bugging me too. I think she's doing better than any of us. She's so strong...knows what she believes...knows what she needs to do and what she wants to do. I learn more from her than she does me. She keeps me going sometimes when I feel like just staying stuck. Right now I feel very stuck....which is not a good way to be when you homeschool. (chuckle)

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