Friday, January 29, 2010

Sorry I've Neglected This Blog :)

Sorry I haven't posted on this blog in a while. You may have figured out by now that I have been spending a lot of time on my weight loss blog . Things have been pretty good. I haven't felt well for many weeks and finally found out I have I've finally been able to get help with that.
  On the homefront, things have gotten a lot better. My husband and I finally talked about a lot of things several weeks ago. I brought up my doubts about his faithfulness and we have finally been able to put things to rest on that issue meaning we had great sex . I no longer fear he's been a bad boy...although he understood why I might have. He really sucks at communicating sometimes. We talked about that too. It was like pulling fingernails at first or like a boxing match in which someone gets their ear bit off , but I can be happy that my husband is a pushover teachable. He was mad....I was mad, but in the end he came back to me.
  We talked about the lies....the stupid little lies I catch him in. He said generally he doesn't tell many and the ones he does tell is b/c he's afraid of me being disappointed in him....and this really surprised me. I explained to him that I know I am not perfect and I certainly do not expect perfection from him, so there's no need to lie. We talked about intimacy. I told him I felt like I lost my best friend. I asked him (in an angry way) how many more limitations is he going to set upon me about what I can and can't talk about? Then I listed those things. He needed that....I think he finally realized that he had pushed me away to the point that we couldn't even have lengthy conversations anymore. So, we took off the limitations....and it has been wonderful.
   We haven't talked about the racism issue...however, there have been developments. My brother and his Korean girlfriend have spent many weekends with us. This is a big deal for my husband. I think my husband is warming up to her. She's ultra sweet, good with our kids, she makes my brother spend lots of time with his family (lol) and she's very funny. I know his problem is with interracial relationships and not against ethnicities themselves....but, they are staying here at my house, together....and that is what the big deal is. So, I'm hoping that this is a chain that will go on and on.
   As for me, I seem to be digging myself out of this box of cookies depression hole. My hormones have leveled out a good bit and that improves my disposition by 100% so I'm not a raging loon anymore . I think the weight loss blog has helped too.....just blogging in general has been such a relief since I talk too much in real life and no one wants to listen...hahaha.
   So, it feels nice to not moan and complain blog positively for a change. I will be posting more soon. I want to talk about Haiti, homosexuality, and maybe some politics......yeah, I feel like being brave. Don't worry...I have no will be ponderings as usual since I talk too much in real life and no one wants to listen...hahaha. lol :o) Thanks for reading. ;-) PS: Look at me! I did strike throughs. hahaha ;-) (yes I winked again...I'm on a roll). By the way, this is my 50th post! Yay!


  1. This post made me laugh, the things you crossed out very cute!

  2. Nice editing!! LOL I wonder if I start editing like this what would happen!!

    Anyway, looking forward to your 'positive change' and you are already brave!

  3. It was kinda fun to do. I'm not sure that I'll always do it, b/c I tend to blog more on the serious side of things on here, but I don't think my humorous side comes out enough on my blog, so I'll do it from time to time. I've seen so many other people that do it on their blogs and it cracks me up every time. :) You should try's pretty funny.

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