Monday, January 18, 2010

My New Weight Loss Blog!!

Ok, so I've talked about doing this for a while and now I have finally done it. I have a new weight loss/PCOS blog. I am inspired by many different bloggers everyday by their weight loss blogs. I see how their blogs have served as an essential tool in their weight loss success, so now I am giving it a try. Hopefully I will learn a lot through this experience and hopefully I'll be able to pass along some knowledge to help others along the way. So, please, please come over to my new blog, Saving My Life: A Weight Loss/PCOS Blog and show me some love by being followers. I've got a long way to go and need the support. :)
  I will still be posting on this blog when I have deep philosophical questions and when I feel the need to whine about stay tuned. Oh, and a music blog is in the works as well. :)


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  2. Oh, I see that Green Tea really loved your post.
    *rolling eyeballs* Here you were asking for support. I guess Green Tea needs support too. I'm going there now.