Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Good Riddance Box

Ok, I totally saw this on TV...something they did in NY and my attempt to duplicate it won't be perfect but nevertheless, I'm hoping everyone will be onboard with this. Ok, anything that sucked about 2009...write it in a comment on my blog and say "Good Riddance" to it. My blog is not a shredder but we'll pretend it is...ok? So, all you lurkers and all of my known readers, feel free to get it off your chest....RE-LEASE!!! Say as many good riddances as you want! I'll go first....

I say good riddance to being so passive.
I say good riddance to belly rolls and other rolls...lol.
I say good riddance to financial hardship.
I say good riddance to people who pose as friends but are not truly friends.
I say good riddance to Sarah Palin.....seriously...enough already!!! Gah!
I say good riddance to the AFA....b/c you guys don't get all your facts straight and still aske me for money.Blah! Humbug!


  1. Loved those and great idea for a post.

  2. Thank you :) Have any you want to add?