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LiveStrong Day Oct. 2, 2009

Posted by POD on Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I so like the idea of cooking something yellow (eggs, lemons, lemon bars, lemon brownies, lemon pie, lemon chocolate chip cookies, lemon fudge, lemon chocolate pie) to commemorate LIVESTRONG Day 2009 though I am not a food blogger -- still nothing can keep me away from looking and fantasizing over their blogs. LIVESTRONG Day is October 2nd to coincide with the date Lance Armstrong was diagnosed with cancer 10 years ago. Not to be left out, I was diagnosed two years around this same time.

Since Lance's recovery from cancer he has gone on to win le Tour De Frah-hance, France seven times (!) and just this year he came in third place after a four year break. (What the hell have I been doing? cruising graveyards, blogging, disturbing people, -- long list!)

The foodies and winos have been blogging the LIVESTRONG Day for a few years. I'd like to see as many of us cancer/fitness/health/whatever bloggers as possible work unify our blogwork to support LIVESTRONG Day 2009 as well. Because we aren't foodies or winos (admittedly in our blogs), one way to unify is to write a short post on how cancer has effected your (our) life because I have a feeling it has affected many of our lives in one way or another.

Or you can make me some yellow food and send it over!

Blogging this date (and Fridays are notoriously slow blog days) is one way of supporting the Lance Armstrong Foundation by raising awareness of cancer issues world-wide. It is a way for bloggers to share their stories, poignant, devastating, thrilling, celebratory and triumphant. If you haven't been bulldozed by a cancer diagnosis, you can still participate. Write about a friend or post a prayer.

Then stop by my blog and leave a short comment with a link to your post. I'll put all your comments in a chemo-hat and pick 14 names of folks who will *win* a small though significant LAF token of appreciation for helping us come together to commemorate the day.

Sound like an simple deal? It is as long as you don't have a cancer diagnosis!

This online event is an official LIVESTRONG Day event sanctioned by the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

Please cut & paste into your own blogspot so others can show their support for LIVESTRONG Day, Oct 2, 2009.

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