Saturday, August 15, 2009

Needing motivation

I think perhaps, the hardest part of homeschooling is being motivated when motivation is needed. Don't get me wrong...I LOVE homeschooling with a passion that I've never had for anything else in my entire life, but nevertheless it is a blessing that has a lot of work that goes into it. I've always been the type who needs structure but at the same time I really value freespirited moments that become some of the most teachable moments in my child's education. Sometimes I'm a bit too free spirited, so I've never really embraced lesson planning, grading, or report cards. This year I am doing these things. Usually, we just go by the books and get things done when we get things done. This year I am goal setting. I want to start at a place and have some idea of where I want to stop. Even though my child does pretty well on standardized tests, I always feel like we should be shooting for excellence and not mediocracy. I want to know that I am putting my "all" into making my child's education the very best that it can be.
Another problem I'm having is I think I have entirely too much curriculum. lol. I have so much I want to do and I'm not sure if I can fit it all. I love the Charlotte Mason approach and have tried to get in a place of switching over totally but my need for textbooks and structure seem to keep from this.
These are my goals: Write down lesson plans for one month at a time, get a grade book, and get report cards just so my child has a tangible way to see how her hard work pays off.
My other goals aside from homeschooling are to get my new garden ready this week, start exercising and continue to try to get my diet under control. This is me trying to hold myself accountable! :)

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