Saturday, February 28, 2009

Difficult to Understand

Ok, so I took my kids to a fun night event that this church holds at the YMCA. I'm watching the kids swim and I see a little girl carrying another little girl who is crying. Automatically, my mommy sense kicks in and I race to get the crying little girl out of the pool. I asked her "Who do you belong to?" She answered, " I ain't got no mama". My heart just broke. Another lady wrapped a towel around her and I went to a bench where I could hold her. I wrapped another towel around her and just held her. It turns out that she and her sister (the girl who carried her) are orphans. Their mother was killed in a car wreck and the situation with Grandma was a bad I heard. These girls were absolutely precious and I get angry thinking about what they will go through being without anyone to care for them. Fortunately, the group home they are in is a good one I think, but who will rock these babies when they cry?? Who tells them that they are loved? Well, I asked the little girl if she knows that God loves her. She shook her head. I asked her if she knows that I love her. She said no. I couldn't help it. I fell in love with that precious angel...I could not miss the oppurtunity to show love to her. I held her and quietly rested. She sat with off and on through the night.
When we were driving home my daughter and I agreed that we need to do something for this little girl. We prayed for her tonight. It's so hard to understand why people can't straighten up their act to take responsibility for these precious gifts. Back in the old days, people had to take care of their own. There weren't as many orphanages as there are today. I mean why would the careless, lazy, selfish people care to take care of their own children if they know that someone will do it for them?? I'm not saying that I oppose these institutions put there to help children...I just wish there were more accountability for these adults that make a mess of their own children's lives. It's so sad...

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